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Chimney Sweeping Company was established to provide professional, caring and the highest standards of service to our customers

Jonathan Huband, Chimney Sweep owner of Chimney Sweeping Company based in Swindon

Jonathan Huband

Why Choose Us?

The Chimney Sweeping Company provides a professional GOMCS (Guild of Master Chimney Sweeps) registered chimney sweeping service in the Cotswolds. My name is Jonathan Huband, if you require a chimney sweep, I would love to help with any enquiry, please contact us.

We have been trading for over 10 years and have built a solid reputation within the Cotswolds area, our clients come back to us time after time.

Perfect Finish

Power sweeping can remove soot, tar and creosote deposits in a chimney with no fuss and no mess - guaranteed.

Stove Maintenance

We can repair Wood Burners and Stoves or renovate by fitting new parts at a fraction of the price of a new unit.

Domestic & Commercial

Fireplace & flue installation, maintenance for domestic & commercial business, inspection and repair.

Clean Chimney,

Safe Chimney

Although chimney fire incidents are declining that is not much comfort if you happen to experience one! These fires are a result of soot, creosote and other combustible substances building up in the flue. Chimney fires can be difficult to extinguish, they cause damage to the flue and can lead to the complete destruction of your home.

Following a chimney fire an inspection from a qualified chimney sweep should be sought to determine if remedial repairs are needed.

How to avoid a chimney fire?

old fashioned chimney sweep illustration from Chimney Sweeping Company

Camera Inspection


It's the quickest and easiest way to locate issues with a chimney. Camera inspections can locate the source of smoke leakage or show damaged masonry. The condition of twin wall systems and flu liners can be assessed, also damage from a chimney fire can be seen before taking remedial action. Blockages are easily spotted enabling swift remedial action by your chimney sweep.

Birds Nests

Bird nests are a common problem particularly in early Spring when our feathered friends are looking for a safe place to lay eggs and bring up their young. Unfortunately, birds do not dismantle their new home before departure leaving you to remove the blockage afterwards!


Chimney Masonry can become dislodged over the years leading to leakage of smoke and fumes which is not only unpleasant but dangerous to health. Even relatively new flues can crack over time so a camera inspection can quickly pinpoint the issues to target an appropriate repair.

Property Survey

Generally, property surveys before purchase do not include a detailed assessment of the internals of a working flue. Often overlooked only to find issues later. A chimney camera inspection will leave you confident that the chimney flue is fit for purpose before exchanging contracts.

New Home,
Existing Fireplace?

Recently moved into a new home but with an existing open fire or stove? A chimney fire would not be on your list as the greatest house warming present would it? Unless you have reliable, certificated evidence that the chimney has been well maintained it would make sense to have it checked out. We can help.

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What they say

Barb Busby


I would highly recommend the chimney services provided by Jonathan Huband at Chimneysweepingco.

I rang on Wednesday to discuss an influx of flies coming down the chimney into my living room, possibly from a fledged Jackdaw nest.

Jonathan arrived promptly on Thursday and cleared a large nest which was as expected empty bar a dead Jackdaw and some maggots.

Jonathan's work was exemplary, with plenty of dust sheets, a hoover and buckets used, leaving only minimal dust and a certificate of completion behind.

Thank you so much. I will definitely use this service again.

Barb Busby