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Engineer to

Chimney Sweep 

With the help and support of my wife Jacqui I became a trained and certified member of the Guild of Master Chimney Sweeps after a change of career opportunity presented itself. Previously I spent my working life as a City & Guilds qualified vehicle and plant engineer which proved to be invaluable in carrying out repairs to stoves where needed.

My aim as a sweep is to provide a friendly, reliable and professional sweeping service leaving the customer 100% satisfied. I only use the latest professional sweeping equipment in order to give the best service possible. I also give feedback on deposits removed and advice as to improving performance in burning habits should this be needed.

In the spare time I have I fly gliders(sailplanes) and am a certified flight instructor for my gliding club.

Jon inspiring budding glider pilots at Letchlade Duck Race

ā€¨Choosing Jonathan gives you peace of mind and the reassurance from skills developed as a qualified sweep and engineer along with exceptional customer service built in as standard.

Jon Huband Chimney Sweep Van

Why Use a Professionally Trained Chimney Sweep?

Unfortunately, there is no legislation as to who can buy a set of rods & brushes and call themselves a chimney sweep.
As a member of GOMCS, the Guild of Master Chimney Sweeps, I have been trained to the City and Guilds Syllabus and assessed to a standard deemed acceptable to the industry. I am subsequently refreshed every 5 years but, in the meantime, I am kept abreast of any new legislation pertaining to the industry. This ensures I am able to continue to meet the high standards expected by the Guild and, as important, to myself!
As professional I'm constantly updating my equipment by replacing worn out rods and brushes along with procuring the latest in modern tools to enable an even better-quality service.
My services don't just stop at sweeping!
Once a chimney or flue is swept the deposits tell a story as to how well the combustion is performing. Advice can be given on how to get the best from your appliance, whether it be fuel related, lack of oxygen during the burning process or even if the stove has been overfired due to too much air coming in past a leaky door seal. it's also important to keep your appliance well serviced to avoid any damage occurring because of broken fire bricks.

So in Short...
Chimney Sweeping should be viewed as a professional trade and hopefully will be legislated in the not-too-distant future. Much the same as an Electrician or Gas Engineer all sweeps will have to be trained to a standard worthy of the public.
A badly maintained appliance is dangerous.
Please employ someone trained to maintain it.