Birds Nest Removal

How to Deal With A Birds Nest In Your Chimney

Finding you have a birds nest in your chimney is not uncommon. Chimneys provide an ideal nesting place for many breeds of birds particularly Jackdaws. As the winter gives way to spring birds will be looking for suitable nesting, your chimney provides a warm and dry place to build a nest and lay eggs.

Obviously prevention is better than cure so if you are reading this and do not have specialist bird guard cowls fitted to your chimneys then this would be a good time to get them installed. As a professional chimney sweep I can remove birds nests for you but there is something you need to know.

Bird Nest Removal- Know the Law

Nesting birds have the law on their side, its an offence to remove a nest that is live and in use by the resident birds and family. The nesting season starts in March, officially ending in August. Your only option is to wait until the nest has been vacated usually at the end of Summer. Clearly lighting a fire during this period will be unwise, a blocked chimney will allow carbon monoxide fumes to enter your property and may even lead to a chimney fire.

Birds Nest Warning Signs

Birds begin nest building by dropping twigs down your chimney, if you see these appearing in your fireplace then take action immediately. An excessive interest in your chimney by birds flying in and out is also a clear warning sign, as is the sound of chirping from inside the flue. Sadly birds sometimes die in their nest, an infestation of flies may indicate a dead bird somewhere in the chimney.

Birds nest removal from an old chimney.
The nest had tuned into compost!

Clearing a Birds Nest

It's not a good idea to attempt to remove a birds nest yourself. Complete removal is a tricky undertaking and a CCTV camera inspection is the only certain way to ensure complete removal of all the debris. Additional specialist tools are often required to unhook all the remaining birds nest parts from the chimney after which a sweep of the flue will finish the job.

Chimney Birds Nest Prevention - Better Than Cure

There are several specialist bird guard cowls that can be installed to ensure no repeat visits. You should know that some birds, Jackdaws for example, come back to thsame chimney nesting site each year. Having removed the nest once we can give advice as to which type of cowl is best for your chimney to ensure birds stay away.

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