Chimney Sweep

Regular chimney cleaning removes soot and debris reducing the risk of chimney fires. Optimum air flow through the flue means appliances perform better paying you back in reduced fuel cost.

Stove Maintenance, Repairs & Renovations

Regular servicing and maintenance will extend the life of your stove but when it comes to replacement call us, we can offer a renovation at less cost.

Tar (Creosote) Removal Treatment

Creosote is wood that has not burned completely. Highly combustible and easily set alight by a normal fire in the fireplace causing a chimney fire.

Birds Nest Removal

Don't be tempted to remove a birds nest yourself. Even worse do not attempt to burn it out as trapped carbon monoxide fumes can kill.  Get a professional, birds' nests are bigger than you think.

Camera Inspections

Do you know the condition of the inside of your chimney? Probably not. We can swiftly inspect the chimney to identify issues and diagnose any faults, particularly after a chimney fire.

New Homowner Chimney Inspection 

Moving to a new home? Pre purchase surveys are unlikely to include a chimney survey. Get one now before you light that fire. Ignorence is not bliss!