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Stoves are a formidable construction having to tolerate extremes of heat, resist corrosion plus wear and tear from everyday use. Built to last for years, however when things begin to go wrong even the best manufactured stoves can be destroyed beyond repair.

The good news is that provided the main structure  is viable most stove parts can be replaced and the stove returned to virtually new condition. Stove maintenance is the key and we can advise on how to not only protect your stove from premature failure but implement repairs should they be required. Some examples of our work appear below.

Replace a Worn Door Rope Seal

When combustion occurs, air is drawn in to the space occupied by the fire. High rates of combustion, such as a wood burning stove, require increasing quantities of oxygen to fuel the fire. A poor seal on your stove door will allow excessive air into the stove which will cause over-firing. This raises the temperature which burns through fuel more quickly, it's inefficient, wastes fuel and will likely, given time, damage the stove.
Tar deposits on the glass door is an early indication that the rope seal around the door is beginning to fail.
There is a simple way to test if your stove door seal is working properly. Close the door on a piece of paper held between the door and stove housing. If you can remove it easily without tearing then the door seal has had its day and will need replacing.

Badly worn stove door seal needs replacing

A very badly worn door rope seal needed replacing.

Old stove door seal removed

Rope seal scrapped off making sure to remove all remnants.

stove door with old seal removed

After removal the door is cleaned of all old glue residues.

stove door cleaned ready for new door seal

All cleaned using a blade and a wire brush.

new stove door seal installed ready for use

All renewed...glued on with high temperature glue.